Green Forest CC large 2
“We hosted Shelton Bissell in our Sunday service and his saxophone Sing-Along was the perfect change of pace for our folks. Old and young alike sang along to the old gospel hymns as he played the sax beautifully. We look forward to making this an annual event.”
Doug Blevins, Pastor
Green Forest Cowboy Church
Green Forest, Arkansas
“Shelton is the only sax player where you can actually hear the words!”
Ron Moshier
To whom it may concern,
As Pastor of Faith Baptist Church of Madison I am always pleased to work with those who prepare the congregation for worship.  Congregational worship at its best is a team effort.  We are blessed to have Mark Thomas as our Worship Leader but, as with the Pastor, there are times he must be away.  We were blessed recently when Mark made arrangements with Shelton Bissell to lead our worship.
Shelton plays the saxophone and his musical abilities do not end there.  We enjoyed his vocals and the easy flow of music both when he played and with accompaniment from CD’s as well.
Shelton was easy to work with and our worship was uniquely comforting and enriching.  I would recommend Shelton Bissell to lead the praise and worship music in any worship setting.
May God bless your group as you consider him,
Pastor Jerry Jones
Faith Baptist Church of Madison
1602 Gallatin Pike North
Madison, TN 37207
Church Phone 615.865.8340


Rusheed 3

Queens, New York — Wow!  We had never been up in that “neck of the woods” and had no idea what to expect.  I am glad to say that Pastor and Mrs. Rusheed Mohammed and their Greater Miracles Ministries were an absolute joy for us.  We participated in the event along with Evangelist Don Myers.  Here is what Pastor Rusheed had to say about our Gospel Sax “Sing-Along” …

 “Ladies and gentlemen welcome Mr. Shelton Bissell.  It’s amazing just what praises can do, to God be all the glory! 

The atmosphere was charged with angels all around. 

The saints were with great expectation to hear the man on the sax, none other than the great Shelton Bissell all the way from Nashville, Tennessee.  The people were blessed so much that all his CD’s were sold out.

 It is my pleasure to recommend the “man for the hour” who is willing to bring back the old gospel hymns, sing-along sax, and instrumental inspiration where your soul can be satisfied.  My church members who bought the CD’s are enjoying them every day.  One member whose husband doesn’t go to church is now singing and listening to the sax … what a joy, God bless you.

 From Greater Miracles Ministries this is Pastor Rusheed Mohammed.  Well done, Shelton.”